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Real estate is an investment and a way to swap out sending rent checks to your landlord for investing money in property that will increase in value over time. It is also the largest asset most people own and a key indicator of an economy’s health, driving millions of jobs in areas like home improvement, development, lending, insurance and business.

Real estate includes land and any structure that is attached to it, including houses, office buildings, strip centers and apartment complexes. Land that has structures on it is considered “improved” while land without them is referred to as “unimproved.” Real estate can be bought and sold, and real estate investors often gain wealth from rental income and the profit generated by property-dependent business activity on the property. When it comes to residential real estate, people buy homes either as a primary residence or as an investment. They may choose to renovate and sell the home later for a higher price or they might purchase the house and lease it out, allowing tenants to pay monthly mortgage payments that contribute to building equity in the home. More info


Commercial real estate refers to places of business and includes shopping malls, office buildings, hospitals and college campuses. Warehouses and factories can be considered commercial real estate as well, since they’re used for generating revenue by selling goods to consumers. People might also choose to lease industrial real estate rather than own it outright, allowing businesses to use the property for their operations while collecting rent on those premises.

When it comes to home buying and renting, many consumers turn to news outlets for information on real estate market trends and predictions. They might also want to keep an eye on local housing statistics and developments, and learn about new construction and mortgage rates. Real estate news can be found on a wide range of websites and magazines, from online real estate blogs to national publications. However, when reading real estate news articles, it is important to consider the source and check how current it is.


In addition to housing and real estate news, Business Insider covers investing strategies and market advice for both new and experienced real estate investors. It also covers current trends in the industry, such as the increasing popularity of online shopping, which has reduced traffic in many malls. The site is a good resource for anyone looking to start or grow their real estate investing business.

The Best Real Estate Blogs

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